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I can create a geographically-plausible map from any source material, be it your own book, a favourite novel or film, your favourite pass-time or a real place. All maps are carefully drawn out in sepia ink on hand-aged paper for a truly unique look and feel, or they can be finished in watercolour.

Recorded world

Recorded World - self-initiated project based on my record collection, 16" x 20" ink and watercolour.

Recorded World detail

Detail from above.

Dundee colour map

Dundee map with illustrations. Acrylic ink and watercolour, 16" x 20".

Dundee colour map detail

Detail from above.

Map of Scotia

Scotia - Scotland with medieval place-names. Self-initiated project, 16" x 20".

Scotia detail

Detail from above.

Map of Caza Creek

Caza Creek - real location. Ink on aged canvas, 60" x 40".

Caza coyote

Detail from above - coyote.

Bookshelf isles

The Bookshelf Islands - self-initiated project based on my lifetime's reading, 16" x 20".

Bookshelf detail

Detail from above.

map 20" x 30"

The Empire of Narod - private commission, 30" x 20".

School map

Private commission - school map, 8" x 18".

Clockwork city

Private commission - Clockwork City, 16" x 20"

The North

The North - private commission, 12" x 16".

Middle earth

Middle Earth - private commission, 12" x 16".

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