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Momentum Mori is my open-ended series that combines photography and lino cutting so that I can use my hands to explore creatures and skeletons that I am unable to touch. I convert my pictures of specimens from museums around the world into extremely fine-detailed lino cuts. These are either printed conventionally as they are to show the fine detail of these animals, or used to create monoprints that hint at the life and energy they once held.

Spider crab lino cut

Spider Crab: This specimen was found in the American Museum of Natural History, lurking above a door. 8" x 12".

Waiting lino cut

Waiting: These Giant Isopods were in a preserving jar in Harvard, giving the passing world Ominous Cthulu Vibes. 8" x 12".

Gastornis skull lino cut

Gastornis Giganteus: This seven-foot-tall terror bird was waiting for its' chance to pounce at the AMNH. 8" x 12".

tuberculatus lino cut

Tuberculatus: This inch-long trilobite from my own collection is marching away into the darkness. 11" x 20".

Apatosaurus skull lino cut

Apatosaurus: One of the more iconic dinosaurs, this skull combines a light bird-like skull with heavy grinding peg teeth. Found at the AMNH. 8" x 14".

Bathysaurus lino cut

Bathysaurus Ferox: Possessing huge teeth and the best scientific name in the whole deep sea, this fish was coiled in a jar at the Harvard Natural History Museum. 8" x 12".

Trilobite lino cut

Phacopida: This trilobite from Kelvingrove museum in Glasgow has incredibly clear features and 400 million birthdays to its name.  White ink on cotton, 8" x 10".

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