My maps are produced entirely by hand on single sheets up to 20" x 30" size. Aged maps are drawn using dip-pens and sepia acrylic ink then aged, while colour maps are illustrated in pen and ink and finished in watercolour.

Illustrated Dundee map

Illustrated map featuring a selection of the cultural highlights of Dundee - pen and ink with watercolour, 16" x 20"

Illustrated West Coast map

Illustrated map showing the West Coast of Scotland from the Isle of Mull to Fort William, with landmarks and wildlife - pen and ink with watercolour, 16" x 20"

Norse Shetland map

Map showing Shetland during Viking times, with fully-researched place-names

recorded map

Fantasy map based on my record collection - pen and ink with watercolour, 16" x 20"

Lewis Gaelic map

Map of the Isle of Lewis in the Western Isles, with all place-names in Gaelic - 12" x 16"

Scotland map

Scotland map, with all place-names given in their original medieval form - 16" x 20"

Ranch map

Map of a Texas Ranch, featuring sepia ink illustrations of landmarks and local wildlife - 36" x 48"

fantasy map

Fantasy map of the island of Tirna, with illustrated creatures and landmarks - dip-pen and coloured inks, 20" x 30". Private commission.


Whether it's a map of your favourite hobby for a gift, or the map for your novel, or something unique for an RPG game, I can map it out for you. Delivery is by tracked post in a mailing tube, or digitally as a 300 dpi image file.

9" x 12" 12" x 16" 16" x 20" 20" x 30"
aged / black and white £80 £110 £200 £350
colour £110 £145 £280 £480