My calligraphy is hand-written using traditional dip-pens with light-fast acrylic inks on heavy acid-free papers for the best possible results.

William Morris quote

William Morris is a key inspiration for my work - here is his most important quote, a4 size.


Quote from the epic poem 'Beowulf', 12" x 16".

Kublai Khan

Coleridge's 'Kublai Khan', hand-written with watercolour illustration, 16" x 20".


'Jabberwocky', 12" x 16".

Of A' the Airts

Hand-written Burns poem 'Of A' the Airts', 12" x 16".

Digital photography logo

Digital photographer's watermark.

I will love you forever

Wedding reading quote from Philip Pullman, 12" x 16"

book cover design

Book cover for Tapsalteerie Press<./p>

retro book title Bandit's Razor

Retro book title, 9" x 12".

Unst boat song

The Unst Boat Song, an old Norn song from Shetland. 16" x 20".

bloop bloop

My favourite Star Wars quote, written in acrylic on canvas.


'Filsket', a Shetland word meaning joyous, light-spirited. Written in acrylic on cotton.

little but fierce

If there's no Shakespeare in my portfolio a large gentleman comes round and snaps all my nibs. Acrylic on cotton.

Giant wine bottle

Hand-written label for a six-litre Methuselah bottle from the Providence wineyard in New Zealand.


My calligraphy is all entirely hand-written, using traditional dip-pens and light-fast acrylic inks on heavy acid-free paper or parchment paper. Tracked delivery is standard, and all pieces are delivered in a mailing tube. For quotes on design work, please email me with details.

9" x 12" 12" x 16" 16" x 20"
saying £20 £30 £40
poem / family tree £30 £45 £75
illustrated poem £50 £85 £125