Wedding Stationery

I have a wide variety of services for weddings, from hand-written place-cards to invite templates and hand-written seating plans. For more details, or to ask about anything at all, have a look at my contact page

custom invites

A full table of custom luggage-tag place cards, hand-written


Hand-written invite. These a5 cards can be individually written or provided as a template for printing.

seating plan

Hand-written seating plan in gold ink on black card, in situ

wedding crest

Wedding crest - drawn by hand on the seating plan, this can also be provided digitally for printing on invites and orders of service.

wedding crest

This crest was also hand-drawn on the seating plan - in this case, the new couple met working at sea.


Hand-written place-card - ink colour can be customised to complement the wedding colours.

wedding banner

Gold on black signage welcoming guests.

love letter

And what could be more appropriate for the paper anniversary than a hand-written love letter on parchment?


All my wedding stationery is hand-written using dip-pens and coloured ink to match your wedding colours, and my wedding crests are individually designed to combine the best of the wedding couple in one image.

fully hand-written invites with envelopes £10 each
single hand-written invite for bulk printing
(delivered as a digital file)
place cards £1 each
seating plan
(can incorporate crest)
£1 per name
wedding crest £90

Wedding crests are drawn on the seating plan or separately and can be supplied as an image file for printing on the order of service, invites, etc.